Peek into the warm

Walking Tip-toed with my Untouched coffee, the breeze brushing my hairs, detangles the chaos in my heart, Dissolving in my every heartbeat, Making it beat in a rhythm. waves touching my feet, calms my nerves as I stand frozen. the wind answering the unasked questions, get tattooed on my feelings, filling the void within me.


The skipped beat

The astonishing disappearance of the sun, The Vulnerability of the cold wind, The stability of the mountains, counting each breathe enter and leave my body, As I look up still shivering of cold, Riding into the skies eyes, full of stars, As if they were listening to me, A blissful tear rolled out and took [...]

Finding myself

I made a poor choice of choosing sleep over a road trip with cousins and that made me sadder than you would imagine . So instead of wasting the whole day I went to the beach. Sitting on the beach and watching the orange reflection of sun fall on the water.. Aah.! . A better [...]