The imperfect present

They were sitting just next to me and I could hear their conversation very well. They were discussing about a movie and all of a sudden in between of the talks the lady said: I am pregnant”. For a few minutes the husband kept talking without realising what she said and then when it finally [...]



Emotions are only felt? Haven't you tasted it's sweetness in the loving kisses and bitterness in those good bye tears? Emotions are corporeal, haven't you touched it in those comforting hugs and painful waiting that might never end? Emotions are just as tangible, it's just a matter of the extents to which you were able [...]

Crazy love

Yeah, it's when you love the whiff of his smile When you can hear what his eyes speak... When you taste his touch, When you can caress his words, And are visually addicted to his scent, When the five organs confuse their senses still that's the most sensible they've ever been, You my darling, are [...]


Waiting for my love every night, I sit quietly, by the window-side, Tearing petals of the purple rose, one by one, Like one of a solitary dove, eagerly waiting for it's eternal flight. With the drops of moon, And the cluster of stars falling into swoon, By the serenity of the dark, My mind and [...]

Finding myself

I made a poor choice of choosing sleep over a road trip with cousins and that made me sadder than you would imagine . So instead of wasting the whole day I went to the beach. Sitting on the beach and watching the orange reflection of sun fall on the water.. Aah.! . A better [...]