The imperfect present

They were sitting just next to me and I could hear their conversation very well. They were discussing about a movie and all of a sudden in between of the talks the lady said:

I am pregnant”.

For a few minutes the husband kept talking without realising what she said and then when it finally struck him, he asked

what did you said?

to which she blushingly replied happy birthday and We are pregnant. Hell, my heart was in my mouth! I cried with happiness. What a perfect setting to tell her husband that they are pregnant he looked at her face then on the cake then again on her face. He thanked god and hugged her. Tears of happiness rolled out of their eyes. I congratulated them and she greeted me with a hug! Ahh! How I love hugs!

Everyone celebrated his birthday and the couple got everyone’s blessing .

They packed their stuffs ,cleared the bill and moved .This time he hold her hand more tighter and she was smiling more brighter. It happened just like they show in Bollywood movies.

I had my dinner but just when I started moving my scarf got stucked into someones watch, I dramatically glanced back to see that it happens to be a woman glaring at me . I glared back at her for running my Bollywood moment and for wearing a watch. Happy day it was.


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