Finding myself

I made a poor choice of choosing sleep over a road trip with cousins and that made me sadder than you would imagine . So instead of wasting the whole day I went to the beach.

Sitting on the beach and watching the orange reflection of sun fall on the water.. Aah.! . A better idea to save the day.
I was hungry so went to a cafe facing the sea and grabbed a table for myself.
There was a man sitting right next to my table punching onto his keyboard so hard that I feel bad for technology.
There was a group of girls sitting by my side in the next table enjoying their sweet corns.
There was a newly wed couple enjoying their time.
There were two screaming kids in a 10-meter radius from my seat.
I stared into my phone for the first couple of minutes because I was so confused as to what the rest of my body is supposed to do when I am sitting at a table alone with food and nobody to talk to or no television to stare at. The food was good! I eventually put my phone down and ate in silence. Finished my food but just before I was about to clear the bill and leave, this tall guy entered the café with a huge backpack and sat across my table.I thought leaving immediately will be rude so I stayed and enjoyed my cold coffee. My drink was finally done, I started wrapping my things, expecting him to acknowledge my existence.
I paid my bill ,picked my bag and stood.

Still no.

I started moving
“HAVE A NICE DAY” (yaaahhh!! )
YOU Too!
I don’t know why but I liked it.
i didn’t felt like going back home so I took my sandals off and stood ankle-deep in the water and kept staring at waves with blank mind hearing the wind play with my hair. Checked my watch it said 6:20 pm.
Went back to staring .
Checked my watch again , it said 7:50pm.
Killing time was always a task for me .I don’t remember the time I spent with myself and did things that actually pleased none but me. That hour on the beach was the best part of my day. It’s good to say hi to yourself.
Got up. Went to the parking lot, tried to unlock my car while being distracted by my phone throughout, only to realize that it’s the same model of a wrong car, and its owner is still sitting inside with a smile and he put no effort in hiding his clear amusement.
Badaboom Dhish.!

I was quite young then though.

I was 19.
Not anymore.
Yesterday was my 20th birthday
Happy birthday to me .

15 thoughts on “Finding myself

  1. Wow! That’s an amazing solo trip in beach and you have retrospected and introspected within yourself the best time I guess! I think you have made the right decision and listen to your heart! Well beautiful Happy Birthday my friend🎂🍰🥞🍫 Enjoy and keep blogging, cheers!!!

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